Xiu Will Live On, Despite Rumors of the Bar’s Demise

The gossip ain't true: Xiu hasn't bitten the dust, even as rumors ran rampant recently in F&B circles about the Grand Hyatt Hotel bar's shuttering.

Instead, a third party has come in to take over management of the bar from the Hyatt, and renovations have begun to upgrade the space. That means there is a temporary closure, but a statement from the hotel reassures us that Xiu will reopen later this year.

Details about when the renovations will be complete, and who this mysterious third party is, are frustratingly scant. When we spoke with the hotel's PR manager she somewhat worryingly admitted that she didn't know who these knew operators are, but promised to update us soon, before directing us to an official statement about the bar's renovations (which can be read here). Once we know more, we'll update this blog right away.

Bottom line: the hotel's statement promises, "the management of Xiu will be released to a new independent operator, to re-develop and continue the legacy that Xiu has established, which innovated the Beijing nightlife scene for many years following its opening in May 2009."

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Such claims about being on the cutting edge may surprise those of us who weren't in Beijing during Xiu's heyday (or for less than classy fellows like myself, who prefer to binge on bottled beer in Beixinqiao, thank you very much). That said, the bar has drawn plenty of positive press over the years, with World's Best Bars calling it "an attractive terraced space" overlooking the CBD where "the beautiful people head to see and be seen." In that case, let's hope Xiu reopens tout de suite so that we can enjoy its upgraded balcony while the weather's still nice.

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