What’s Up in Beer: New Brews, Beer Package, and Drunk’s New Location

Beer lovers, we know you have been staying strong and safe from the flu virus flying around these days, because we have secret weapon – glorious beer! Studies have shown that drinking of polyphenol-rich alcoholic beverages like wine or beer “seems to have a beneficial impact on the immune system.” Thankfully, the cold snap hasn’t stopped the local breweries from brewing beers, so let’s see what’s up in beer this week.

Drinking Buddies’ January beer package has arrived! This month, they've chosen an upgraded festive selection (read: hoppier) to hop into the New Year with beers from Spain, Canada, and the Netherlands, including:

  • La Pirata’s Lupulus: An easy drinking beer with low ABV.
  • Edge Brewing’s Space Coast: An outstanding hoppy beer that expands all dimensions of taste and aroma.
  • Edge Brewing’s Hoptimista: A West Coast-style IPA that was dry-hopped to create a tropical burst of flavor.
  • Uiltje’s Joost Mag Het Weten: An American triple IPA that was infused with honey to provide a warming heavy body.
  • Brasserie Dunham’s Black IPA: Showcases strong flavors of malt, chocolate, and coffee, with heavy bitterness and a mild smokiness.
  • Brouwerij Emelisse’s Imperial Russia Stout: A imperial stout that was barrel aged, and might be the best gift.

Book your own collection via DB's WeChat shop (啤友汇DrinkingBuddies), call 137 1808 0725, or email [email protected].


Great Leap Brewing brings the Honey Ma Black back, a dark twist on the Honey Ma Gold, using caramelized honey and the inclusion of roasted malts to bring a rich complexity with notes of chocolate and Sichuan peppercorn. Available at all three locations for RMB 40.

Slow Boat has launched a new beer, Shore Leave Tropical IPA with a 6.8 percent ABV. This hoppy IPA was brewed with juices from passionfruit, mango, orange, and pineapple, aiming to bring you “Tahiti in a pint glass.”

Beersmith at Hotel Jen have launched two beers, Caffiend, a brown ale that's brewed with a generous amount of chocolate and roasted malts, then infused with cold brew coffee to add a smooth texture, making it a perfect breakfast beer; and Abbey ale, in which the brewmaster Tom Ashton used Belgian ale yeast to bring notes of plum and raisin, New Zealand Motueka hops for citrusy and tropical fruity aromas, and caramel malts for balance.

Drunk Bar moved from Wangfujing to Gongxiao International (宫宵国际), Dongdaqiao, and will soft open this Friday (Jan 12), continuing to provide German-style pork knuckles and sausages, burgers, and several draft beers brewed on site. There will be three to four beers available in January, expanding to ten varieties after they iron out the wrinkles. If you have membership, you can enjoy free-flow beers on Jan 12, and a deal of 22 percent off during the next three months.

Finally, drink more (hot) water while drinking beer, and remember to stay warm!

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