Sanlitun Street Fashions: Put Your Dukes Up… Way, Way Up

Sanlitun Street Fashions is a recurring column on the Beijinger showcasing the hottest threads to hit Taikoo Li and the surrounding area as captured by the neighborhood's ever-present street fashion photographers.

With her admirers found in such esteemed places as the White House, Daisy Duke's popularity continues to soar as the eponymous shorts worn by the Dukes of Hazard character have found a new home in Beijing's fashion hotspot, Sanlitun.

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Although we found miniskirts to be the big trend earlier this month, short jean shorts are by far the main theme in the Taikoo Li vicinity this time, sometimes simply dressed with a T-shirt and sandals:

Other times, the Daisy Dukes are paired with another of this seaon's rising trends, the exposed shoulder cut:

You don't need anything but the bare necessities, but jean shorts are often paired up with leather jackets or blazers:

Since denim and bare shoulders are all the rage now, it makes sense for the two to come together in this daring ensemble, which re-imagines denim overalls with a much higher waistline:

Bare shoulders are also on display in floral dress designs this spring:

When used as a dress color, black is billowy and light:

Also taking a cue from the gusty weather are this seaons' tapered pants with wide-bottoms:

Jean shorts aren't the only daring fashion as camisole tanks are also making their presence known in Sanlitun:

And, like always, the "no-pants" look has its practitioners:

Here are some more notable looks from the week's fashions on the streets of Sanlitun:

And when friends get together and go hang out in Sanlitun, an assemblage of styles is the result:

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