Samuel L. Jackson Returns to Beijing, Eats All of the Things

Acting legend Samuel L. Jackson just passed through Beijing to promote Kong: Skull Island and also, it seems, to eat all of the things.

The Pulp Fiction star hit the usual tourist traps like Tiananmen Square where took a semi-selfie, and Nanluogu Xiang – where he popped into Plastered 8

He also joined co-stars Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, and local up-and-coming actress Jing Tian to whip up buzz for their film which comes out this Friday, March 24.

But once that was out of the way, he got down to business - eating a lot of local food at what looks like it might be Da Dong? At any rate, he ate a lot of duck.

Including "duck lettuce cup."

And “heavenly” Peking duck.

Also duck liver – “everybody is saying it's dope!”

But he seemed pretty psyched about his beef dish too: “Chinese Style Kobe Beef With Szechuan Pepper Sauce! YEAH!!!”

And “Squirrel Style Fish! Whooooo!”

Of course, like all laowai, Jackson was really into the gongbao jiding too: "Kung Pao Chicken!!! POW!!!"

There's no doubt about it, the man sure likes his food!

Photos: Samuel L. Jackson (via Instagram), Weibo