Hidden Camera in Chaoyang Office Restroom Explained Away as “Fengshui”

Female employees at a Chaoyang internet company were recently shocked to discover a hidden high-definition camera in their office restroom. What's more, BTV News reports the firm's manager tried to justify the set-up as being "good fengshui" 

The manager of the unidentified company, named Zhang, had previously explained to employees that proper fengshui practices required lights to be always switched on in the dim, windowless bathroom.

But whereas the ancient practice usually advocates for reasonable solutions to orgainizing a living environment, Zhang's fengshui set-up made his employees very suspicious. 

Instead of being mounted on the ceiling or high up on the wall, the illumination in the women's bathroom came from two bright LED lights plugged into a wall socket (shown below).  

Placed adjacent to the LED lights was a wooden box, of which one side was made out of an opaque glass. (shown below)

Both the constantly-shining LED lights and the glass-walled box were placed immediately opposite from the elevated squat toilet stall, in front of which is a door with a 25 centimeter-high gap at its bottom (shown below). As well, the women's restroom has been discovered to be home to another hidden camera, this time a desk lamp that was mysteriously never turned on.

Some reports say the LED lights and the wooden box have been inside the women's restroom for nearly two years.

Female employees at the company are dismayed at Zhang, who they describe as a "well-mannered man" who doesn't act with the arrogance typically associated with his position. However, other details suggest Zhang may have harbored his sinister intentions for a long time.

Beijing police investigating the matter said the video camera can be remotely-controlled through a mobile phone app, allowing it to conveniently upload to social media platforms. 

Additionally, although technology and internet web companies are often male-dominated fields in China, BTV reports that Zhang's is an exception to the trend, comprised of 80 percent female workers. Although this may suggest that Zhang is an equal-opportunity employer, the high number of women employees may be part of Zhang's perverted conspiracy.

A sign on the door leading to the company's female restroom reads, "This way please, beautiful women." (shown below)

Zhang is currently being detained by police for questioning. An investigation is said to be underway.

A video of the news report can be seen here.

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