Feel the Burn: VSports Threaten to Knock You Out With Their Inimitably Spicy Chicken Wings

In the wake of TBJ's inaugural Hot & Spicy Festivalour fiery restaurant coverage continues with Feel the Burn, in which we look back at what our vendors brought to the event so as to make you sweat. Head to these chili-rife eateries to relive the fiery memories.

At each of our events, VSports never fails to disappoint. Their formula is not an easy one to discern, but something about the Gongti restaurant's pub grub and American-style barbecue satiates the crowd no matter what their specific tastes may be. VSports' showing at out inaugural Hot & Spicy Festival was no different, as their booth tested the crowd with some particularly potent chicken wings covered in chili (see the picture above).

The kitchen's penchant for fire doesn't end there given that they also serve one of, if not the, biggest burger in Beijing, aptly dubbed the Hell Burger (complete with its own 30-minute eating challenge). When they're not tempting Beijing's epi-dangerous eaters, VSports is of course best known for its well-stocked bar, a plethora of in-house bar games, and morning thru late night sports coverage, boasting a huge 20 TV screens and a number of projectors, as well as shared toilets with Mix (should you want to ramp up the action next door).

Below we catch up with VSports' management to see what they brought to our fest as well as what they recommend munching on next time you drop by their venue.

What did you bring to our Hot & Spicy Fest? 
At the festival, we brought a range of new products such as our "devil's spicy" chicken wings, chuanxiang pork ribs, grilled sausage, and fried chicken with chuanxiang sauce. Our chuanxiang ribs have been especially well-received by people who like to break from tradition and improve on the traditional American barbecue taste with an added splash of spice.

What spicy dishes do you sell in your restaurant?
Our chuanxiang pork chops, spicy chicken wings, and Sichuan pork chops are the most popular. For the latter, we select the cuts from Spanish black pigs because unlike with domestically-bred pork, Spanish pork meat has a relatively uniform distribution of fat, which we marinate with spices for 48 hours before firing at a high temperature for 15 minutes.

What drink do you like to pair with spicy food?
I mix my own iced drinks at home by adding frozen fruit to juice before blending and serving with a dollop of jam.

What's the hottest thing you've ever eaten? 
The spiciest food I've eaten is our grilled "devil's spicy" chicken wings.

What’s your go-to spicy comfort food?
Usually, I'll eat some hot pot or barbecue.

In one word, how does eating spicy food make you feel? 
Spicy food changes my taste, my satisfaction, my happiness, and my enjoyment.

If what you're eating becomes way too hot, what do you use to cool off?
If something is too spicy, I'll drink beer (or cider), carbonated drinks, or milk to cool off.

Can you handle more heat? Be sure to check out the latest issue of our Hot & Spicy themed magazine as well as our ongoing chili related restaurant coverage.

Photos courtesy of VSports