Feel the Burn: Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus Serves German Hospitality, Brews, and Sausages by the Bucket-Load

In the wake of TBJ's successful Hot & Spicy Festival, our fiery restaurant coverage continues with our Feel the Burn series. Those of you who acquired a taste for all things hot at the fest can maintain the burn by visiting these chili-rife eateries.

The spice in our stomachs has just about settled down and our lips no longer feel like they are being licked by the fires of hell. But that sweet, sweet relief is also coupled with a pang of nostalgia for all those fiery flavors. Thankfully a quick fix can be found at Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus, where German hospitality, meat, and beers reign supreme. With just one look at their 1L beers and the platter-sized plates of food (they're mostly to share, let's not get too greedy), it quickly becomes clear that no one will leave this restaurant hungry, or thirsty. Their selection of spicy sausages, meanwhile, will settle your cravings for something hot.

With the spring weather taking a stronger hold of Beijing, it's time to move outside onto the city's sunny terraces, of which Hacker-Pschorr may just boast one of the best. A liter of the aforementioned beer will keep you entertained and cool while you gulp down bite after bite of Bavarian classics, including sausages, potatoes, and, of course, lashings and lashings of sauerkraut.

Below, we ask Hacker-Pschorr what inspired their spicy choices at our Hot & Spicy Festival.

What did you bring to our Hot & Spicy Fest? 
Two kinds of spicy sausage. Since we're a German restaurant, we select from a cuisine that boasts of hundreds of kinds of sausages. When we thought about which spicy dish to bring, we also wanted it to represent German cuisine and spicy sausages was a great fit for both.

What spicy dishes do you sell in your restaurant? Which is the most popular and why?
The spicy tomato prawns are very popular with our guests. Since German meals mainly feature pork, diners often like to add some other meat or seafood as an alternative.

What drink do you like to pair with spicy food? 
We often recommend pairing a house brew with any of our spicy dishes. There's nothing more refreshing than washing down a hot dish with a fizzy gulp of beer. 

What’s the hottest thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Millet chili, a type of chili pepper.

What’s your go-to spicy comfort food?
Sichuan cuisine or any sort of hot pot.

In one word, how does eating spicy food make you feel? 

Can you handle more heat? Be sure to check out the latest issue of our Hot & Spicy themed magazine as well as our ongoing chili related restaurant coverage.

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Images courtesy of Hacker-Pschorr Brauhaus, the Beijinger