DaBozz Brings Dreamscape Hip-Hop Verses to Omni Space, Apr 20

Hip-hop has been riding a high tide in China for the last few years. With influences flowing from both western street trap and gentler South Korean stages, the Mainland's rappers have formed a strong, distinctive core. 

But can hip-hop also be born from mysticism and dreams? DaBozz proves that unlikely notion possible, taking inspiration not from the mean streets but instead fantasy worlds. Even though the media frequently pigeonholes her as a "female rapper" DaBozz works to subvert preconceived notions with her uniquely muted lyrics and jazzy instrumentals. In that sense, her songs could be a gateway to hip-hop, luring the audience in with rhythmic lullaby melodies. 

DaBozz will hit the Omni Space stage on Apr 20 with DJ Diamond Lil and VJ Silver Salt Studio. Together, their music and visuals will take the audience through dreamy landscapes. Ahead of the show, we spoke to DaBozz about her mystical style.

TBJ: Your music is often said to have Japanese sounds, who would you say are your biggest influences?
DaBozz: 椎名林檎(Sheena Ringo).

How would you describe your own music style?
Art-Pop. Asian Pop.

What is it like being a female rapper in such a male-dominated genre? Do you see more advantages or disadvantages in that?
It depends on what you want and the size of your ambition. If you want to have your own niche or display a stronger stance and stronger language, it can be difficult. But if like me, it's just self-expression, then it’s hard to discuss any advantages or disadvantages.

What are the main topics you explore in your music?
Everlasting feelings and emotions, secrets hiding in the living things on earth.

Where do you get inspiration for songs?
It comes from works of art, dreams, or strange witnessed moments. I don't want my songs to be too close to reality. It's more about exploring the emotions embedded beyond reality.

We are trying to get to know more about Chinese hip-hop, who should we listen to? 
蛋堡(Soft Lipa), 小老虎(J-fever), and of course 大包子(DaBozz).

Hear DaBozz and venture through her dreamy landscapes at Omni Space this Friday (RMB 120-150). Find Tickets here

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Images: DaBozz Weibo page