Burger Favorite WasPark Joins Deal Beer for Late Night Munchies in Jiaodaokou

What's better than a nice, bubbly craft beer? A nice, bubbly craft beer with a burger, of course! The good people (person) behind Fangjia Hutong's much-missed hole-in-the-wall burger joint WasPark understands just that, having resurfaced from his run-in with the Great Brickening and stumbling upon a much large space and some nectar-full accompaniments in Deal Beer's Jiaodaokou Bei'ertiao venue.

The new menu features five kinds of burgers and sandwiches (RMB 35-70) as well as bar food (RMB 20-40) such as fries, chili cheese fries, popcorn chicken, cheesy shrimp rolls, shrimp crackers, fried sweet potatoes, and a Sichuan pepper chicken fillet.

Loyalists to Was Park's old establishment will delight in the cheeseburger (RMB 45), which comes packed with a thick beef patty, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and cheese. Don't be tricked by its humble appearance and McDonald's-like bun, this burger will kick your need for late night munchies exactly where it counts: in the gut. However, should you need another bite, there's also the double cheeseburger and a host of sandwiches: pulled pork, mushroom and egg, bacon and egg, and the more experimental Beijing stir-fried mutton with leek.

The chili cheese fries (RMB 40) were also incredibly filling, with fries covered in a generous layer of cheese and chili. This is the steaming-hot comfort food that entire cities run on and comes with enough kick to have you eating along to the rhythm of the heavy metal blaring inside the venue.

So, take your burger in one hand, balance your fries in the other, and sip straight from your pint on the bar, for this truly is the pit-stop-worthy combination that Jiaodaokou needs right now and will set you straight no matter how your day may have been.

Daily 5.30pm-midnight. 4 Jiaodaokou Beiertiao, Dongcheng District (inside Deal Beer) (156 5222 8194)

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Photos: Tracy Wang