Things to do

Things to do in Beijing

Beijing is packed with restaurants, shopping centers, markets, bars, and clubs. Every year the city becomes more international, and more world-class restaurants and nightclubs appear. Big name chefs from Europe and US are constantly opening new restaurants here, and major bands and DJs perform at local clubs and venues. So no matter what you like to do, you’re sure to find it here.

And then there’s the shopping…. Not only can you find the top brands here, you can also find great discounts at some of the markets. Just be sure to bargain, and bargain hard! The sellers in the markets jack up their prices by hundreds of percent as soon as a Westerner stops by, and I’m honestly not exaggerating.

Here’s a quick look at some of your dining and entertainment options when you visit Beijing:

  1. Dining.There are thousands of options, from Western-style diners to high-end Chinese.
  2. Nightlife.See Beijing’s best bands before they become world-famous, and dance in some of the world’s trendiest nightclubs. You might even see your favorite band on their world tour.
  3. Shopping. The Chinese love to shop, and are passionate about international brands. Here’s where you can find great gifts for your friends and family back home, or pick up something for yourself.