Beijing: Dynamic. Bold. Exciting.

There’s more to Beijing than just the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Mao’s tomb, or the 2008 Olympic Games. Come here and you’ll find a cutting-edge city at the forefront of world architecture and culture, a city where the past mixes comfortably with the present. The city is full of world-class hotels, interesting restaurants, and some of the wildest nightlife in Asia.

The people

Beijingers may seem a little cold and rough at first – like New Yorkers, they can come across as pushy or rude. But simply say “ni hao” with a smile and you’ll discover what sweethearts they really are. You might find yourself embarrassed by their generosity and kindness.

A great place to visit… and to live

Beijing is a wonderful city – so wonderful that many Americans, Europeans, and Australians choose to live here. Everything that makes Beijing for fun for a visitor is here, but the city also boasts great apartments, schools, parks, and public transportation. And because Beijing is China’s capital, the city has an enormous number of career opportunities in both local and international firms.

Before you visit Beijing, learn the basics

I’m an American expat, who has lived in Beijing since 2008. I wrote this guide because I remember what it was like to visit Beijing as a tourist — I missed all the best spots! I saw the tourist sights, for sure, but I had no idea where the best places to stay and eat were. And somehow the guide books weren’t much help. So consider this website your personal guide to the areas in Beijing that you’re probably going to enjoy the most. I hope I can help you get oriented to the city quickly, so that you can enjoy your visit.