Beijing: Dynamic. Bold. Exciting.

There's more to Beijing than just the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Mao's tomb, or the 2008 Olympic Games. Come here and you'll find a cutting-edge city at the forefront of world … [Read More]

The Great Wall

Famous around the world, the Great Wall is one of the top sites near Beijing. It's what everyone wants to see--and you can't see it from space, so you have to go there yourself. Here's where to go and … [Read More]


This central shopping district is popular with both Beijing residents and tourists alike. This central area is close to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. There are many major hotels in this … [Read More]


Beijing has many great restaurants. Here are some tips on where to eat. Street food Some of the best food is prepared by small vendors along the street. Don't be afraid, just be wise: Choose a place … [Read More]

Getting around

It's easy to get around Beijing. The subway system is extensive, cheap, and easy to use. Taxis are plentiful -- and also very cheap. Taxis Unless it's raining or late at night, you'll probably find … [Read More]

Recent Beijing News from City Weekend and The Beijinger

Portrait of a Beijinger: Extraordinary Stories From Ordinary Beijingers

Stories are all around us, waiting to be told. The next time you are crossing a busy street or taking a stuffy subway, imagine the concentration of stories within one square meter: the dusty workers … [Read More...]

Burger Cup Dark Horse Cannon’s Debuts Retro Digs on Xingfucun

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. More specifically, now there’s Will Cannon giving inner-city burger fans a way to eat his much-hyped burgers. And boy, does he have fans. Cannon’s wares had until … [Read More...]

EAT: China World Mall Tomato Festival, Deals at Nyonya Kitchen, Little Creatures X Beersmith Brunch, BBQ at Holiday Inn Haidian

Until the end of August, celebrate the versatility of the humble tomato at China World Mall's Tomato Festival this August. Inspired by the La Tomatina festival held every year in the Valencian town of … [Read More...]

Expat’s Shoeless Feet Raises Stink Among Chinese Netizens

An expat became Chinese national news as well as the focus of public backlash when he made the mistake of taking off his shoes on a crowded train.  Occurring last Tuesday on the G199 high-speed train … [Read More...]